Appropriate clothing, such as gloves, face masks and goggles must be used when handling the product. Always keep vermiculite in hand to be placed over any peroxide leak.

Handling procedures should ensure that the peroxides are protected from all ignition and heat sources and that the storage temperature will not exceed the maximum level allowed. Never throw peroxides on a heated material.

Peroxides are very sensitive to contaminants, such as metal salts, rust, ash, dust and many other chemical elements, such as oxidizing and reducing agents that may self-ignite when releasing large amounts of gas. Accelerators like cobalt octoate or terT-amines should never be added directly to the peroxide and both peroxides and accelerators must be added to the resin separately.

The dilution of organic Peroxides is not recommended, however, if required, ensure that:

Use only a highly pure solvent indicated by the manufacturer.
Acetone must not be used, as the reaction to certain components of the organic peroxide may cause the formation of shock-sensitive acetone peroxides.
The solvent is not contaminated.