100% Brazilian, Polinox is the largest manufacturer of peroxides and mold release waxes in Latin America. Its products are raw materials of composites, a type of high performance plastic consumed by the transportation, construction and sanitation industries, among others.

        Polinox peroxides are responsible for the polymerization (curing) of thermoset resins used in dozens of composite manufacturing processes, including, hand lay-up, spray-up, filament winding, pultrusion, continuous rolling, RTM, BMC and SMC..
         Polinox has distributors and sales representatives all throughout the country.
         Located in Itupeva (SP), the Polinox factory is 100% automated. This means that the electronic setting of all parameters prevents oscillations under a quality point of view. For example, this control system not only warns if a particular peroxide manufacturing sequence has reached a temperature above the desired level, as it also interrupts the addition of a specific reagent. Thus, Polinox reduces to almost zero the possibility of peroxides being produced outside predefined quality standards.